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Corporate Social Responsibility Company Policy

Policy Brief & Purpose:

SITECH Eastern Canada Ltd. is committed to distinguishing themselves through exceptional customer service, availability, and knowledge while embracing available and future technologies. Our mission is to deliver a superior customer experience, improve businesses today, and establish foundational partnerships for future success. We aim to be the first choice in the markets we serve, focusing on our core products such as construction surveying, 3D technology, metadata use, and equipment rental. Our values include integrity, openness, pride, respect, determination, commitment, fun, and competitive spirit.


This policy applies to SITECH Eastern Canada Ltd. and its subsidiaries, as well as suppliers and partners.

Policy Elements:

Our company strives to meet the highest standards of ethics and professionalism, encompassing two key areas: compliance and proactiveness. Compliance entails adhering to laws, internal policies, and maintaining transparency in partnerships and collaborations. Proactiveness involves promoting human rights, aiding communities, and protecting the environment.


- Respect the law
- Honor internal policies
- Ensure all business operations are legitimate
- Maintain open and transparent partnerships and collaborations

Business Ethics:

- Conduct business with integrity and respect for human rights
- Promote safety and fair dealing
- Show respect towards consumers
- Uphold anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices

Examples of Corporate Social Responsibility:

Protecting the Environment:

- Follow best practices in carbon emission monitoring, battery and aerosol can recycling, waste disposal, and chemical substance usage
- Promote Trimble automated and guided technology to increase efficiency and productivity, reducing environmental impact

Protecting People:

- Prioritize the health and safety of employees and the community
- Support diversity and inclusion
- Provide continuous safety training for employees and customers

Human Rights:

- Committed to equal opportunity employment and fair labor practices
- Ensure activities do not violate human rights in any country


Preserving the Environment:

- Implement recycling and waste management programs
- Adopt waste water management systems
- Utilize environmentally-friendly technologies
- Transition sales and service vehicles to hybrid options to reduce GHG emissions


- Invest in research and development to improve training, operations, and technology
- Encourage suggestions and ideas to foster continuous improvement

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