Conveyor Belt Scales

Get the most out of your production and assets

Increase the profitability of your operations by monitoring and improving your processes. The LOADRITE belt scales give plant operators and managers a range of powerful tools to measure the actual production from screens and crushers, track final product stockpiles, analyze plant and machine downtime, and monitor load out of trucks, port and rail.

Improve Profits

  • Increase production while maintaining or lowering your costs
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Extend performance of wear parts
Increase Productivity
  • Identify unused capacity to improve asset utilization, resulting in increased plant availability
  • Unparalleled global service and support network to guarantee superior product uptime
Superior Design
  • Multiple scale frame assemblies with flexible designs allow the installation on a wide range of fixed conveyor belts and mobile plants like crushers, screens and stackers
  • Made for rugged industries and proven in the most challenging environments
  • Simple mounting and low maintenance requirements
  • Designed for repeatable accuracy
Easy To Use
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Similar menu structure to other LOADRITE weighing systems
  • Minimal operator training and easy to calibrate
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