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refuse truck sales

The Trimble® LOADRITE® E2750 weighing system gives you the information to increase efficiency and maximize your profits. Track the weight of each bin so you can provide accurate weights to your customers for environmental reporting and help reduce their carbon footprint by increasing their recycling rate. The E2750 is easy to use and integrates into your onboard computers. Accurate to within +/- 2% margin of error, the system provides essential information to improve the operations of your business. The E2750 is Measurement Canada Approved - Legal for Trade.

• Long and short total: per load, day, week or month
• Individual bin weights with time and date
• Auto add mode: automatically adds each bin to the total weight
• Customizable numeric fields for details such as: customer I.D., number, bin size and similar

Silver Top Supply Presentation

1. Indicator
2. Load Sensors
3. Position Sensors
4. Printer
5. Amplifier

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